The Silkies
"My walking flowers"

Welcome to my newest breeding venture.

Show quality black and paint Silkie Bantams.

I started this venture by spending a winter incubating and raising my foundation in my basement much to my Michaels dismay :P.
Once those chicks had grown a bit.....many were petted only the best would do for my foundation birds.  My eggs came from the very best breeders I could find. My goal is to have blacks that will not leak color into their hackles (as almost all do) and by having those to breed to my paints improving the paints also.

All my birds are free from disqualifing faults. Have 5 toes with good to excellent spacing and have their third toe feathered.

When weather will allow......and the birds are laying . I will sell hatching eggs.

$60 a dozen ....shipping included 

Email for availability  or to get on our waiting list.




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