Senior Does
“I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh?
' He said, 'Lady, three hours ago it was grass”
Phyllis Diller  (American comedienne and actress, born 1917)


All of my girls  udders were photographed in a natural state. The girls  were not uddered up nor shaved  and were typically  feeding growing twins or triplets when the photos were taken


BLF AP Stellar Performance

    ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +S E
  Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol*S  ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse
Sire: Rosasharn's SS Aspen *S   ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb +* SE
  ARMCH  Rosasharn's UMT Sassafras 5*D E ARMCH Rosasharn's Sandlewood 4*D
    MCH Goodwood Weisbaden+*S E
  ARMCH Twin Creek's WB Fire Storm *S E ARMCH Twin Creeks Mariris's Zinnia 4*D
Dam: Doe Sy Doe's FS Lily's Starlight   ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +S E
  Doe Sy Doe's Tiger Lily MCH Stonewall's Lil Honeysuckle E

  Stellar, our brand new girl that we just could not be more excited about! Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!
A very special Thank you to Sharon at BLF for letting her come stay with us :)


BLF Thunder's Flare

                            Sire: BLF SD Stellar''s Thunderbolt
SS: Dynamo Zipp Sundance
                                                 SD: BLF AP Stellar Performance

                            Dam: BLF Legacy's Felix
DS:Rosasharn CH Uni's Legacy*S
                                                 DD: Lost Valley TB Torieta

Owning this girls granddam, Stellar, and knowing these bloodlines
made Flare an easy choice to add to our herd :)
Can't wait to see that udder!



New Moon TR Maya

Sire: Springs Run Haiku's Taro                    Dam: Irish Whisper Teenie Ballerini

                  SS: MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku                DS: Gay-Mor's Lucky Northrup King *S

         SD: Springs Run Mae Flower                        DD: Piddlin Acres Samuri's Tarzana

~ Extended Pedigree ~

Queen" Maya is a strong, solid, powerful doe out of old lines. She is a gorgeous solid shiny black with the exception of extremely minimal frosting on her ears. She sports a lot of width in her chest and a very nice, wide rear leg set. Maya also has an excellent set of STRAIGHT legs and feet.  Maya's udder continues to improve in capacity and texture. What a joy it's been watching this doe mature. . Very widely attached. perhaps the widest in my herd so far... with a nice strong medial. Nicely smooth Fore. Large perfectly plumb teats.


Moon Spinner's NK Willow Wind

             Sire: Cornerstone Farm Nekoda                                Dam: SM3Pines Rhapsody

                        SS: Clover Springs Gideon                                   DS: Green Gate Rusty Spur

       SD:AR Gay-Mor's Lucky Novel Wish 3*D      DD: Gay-Mor's Blu Looney Pleasure 5*D

~ Extended Pedigree ~

Willow  is by far the smartest goat on the farm and is quite the talker. She just seems perplexed why I haven't learned "goat" yet. She is  long, long, long with great body capacity along with a beautiful top line. Some how the word elegant just always comes to mind.  Willow  comes from an extended line of milkers. Her  udder is simply stunning. Plenty of capacity, widely attached with nice large well placed teats.    What a lovely silver chamoisee. "my graceful little deer". One of Willow's daughters  just took first place in her class of two year old milkers. We couldn't be more proud!  I cannot help but add that this girls mothering skills are just exceptional.



Muddy Creek FIN Dasani
(blue eyes)

Sire:   Lost Valley JUM Finnigan *S
                                  SS: CH Sunnydale Farm DAX Jumanji *S     
                             SD: MCH/CH Lost Valley TB Obie 3*D

Dam:  Mighty Munchkins R Lil Robin
                     SS: MCH Pocket Sized NN Blue Rio  
                                       SD: Mighty Munchkins P Silly Goose (2 x GCH)

~Extended Pedigree~

Finnigan's littermate sister, Lost Valley Jum Shannon, was the
AGS 2009 National Junior Champion Doe
Gorgeous Doe! Nice length and width. Nice straight legs and beautiful rear angulation.
We are excited to add her to our herd. Nice udder too :) High, tight and wide!


Private Idaho "Daddys Lil Angel"
White ~ Blue Eyes

                                                  Sire: MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold + *S
Dam: Olson Acres Maqueena Rae

We consider Angel a "good Omen" for our farm. She has  grown up just soo nicely! 
Beautiful  udder! High and tight!  


Private Idaho "Delilah"
Polled ~ Brown Eyes

 Sire: Rubaiyat Farm Blue Moon Rising
Dam: Pecan Hollow PollyAnna

Beautifully Refined and very Feminine. In your lap friendly :)
Gorgeous udder....tons of capacity....nice and high, beautifully rounded escutcheon



Gorgeous Doe and photo compliments of Olson Acres

Olson Acres JT Christina

 AGS National Grand Champion Junior Doe ~ 2011
(48 Juniors entered)

Olson Acres Suzy Q's Jitterbug x CH Wood Bridge Too Z Terminator


Extended Pedigree


My 50th birthday present to myself!




Private Idaho's "Nirvana"
The word "Nirvana" literally means "blowing out" — referring, in the Buddhist context,
to the blowing out of the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion

                                               Sire:    MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold + *S
                                                Dam:  New Moon TR Maya

This has been a great cross. Producing kids that have done very well in the showring, even against the big kids. . I've repeated it three times and FINALLY I am keeping a daughter out of them :).



Private Idaho's EX Patutie
This years "Mama's Baby"
and that would be me

Sire: Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S
         Dam: Moon Spinner's NK Willow Wind


Private Idaho's EX Spitfire

Sire: Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S
   Dam: Olson Acres Maqueena Rae


Private Idaho's EX Kharma
better pic soon :P
        Sire: Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S
   Dam: Grasse Acres Arrabella


Private Idaho's PG Gran Finale

Sire: MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold + *S
Dam: Shere Country EX Cassandra

Private Idaho's Maggie Mae

Cassandra ~ Xaviar


Private Idaho Miriah
(blue eyes)
Cassandra ~ Xaviar

Damascus Road SE Shania

                                        Sire: Camanna GD Moonlight Sentinel
SS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy
                                                              SD: CH Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata

                                        Dam: Moon Spinner Zen Nisha
DS: Springs Run Haiku's Zen
                                                               DD: Sugar Creek's MT Sallys Stella

Out of one of our favorite bucks. Sentinel
Shania certainly didn't disappoint :)

Private Idaho Finna Faire

Christina ~ Gideon

Gorgeous extention front and rear!
High and tight and nicely rounded :)


Private Idaho Darkstarr

Finna ~ Prince Charles

Gorgeous doe!
Nice first freshening udder!







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