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 "All that small print....Please read :)


First and foremost. Private Idaho goats will never be sold for meat! Nigerian Dwarfs are not meat goats and there are many breeders out there who have stock better suited for this purpose. I also, with perhaps the exception of horse companions, will never sell just one goat unless the buyer already has goats. Goats are affectionate, social creatures. From time to time I hear someone say they want to buy one solitary goat as a pet. Please don't ever do this. Goats thrive on each other's company. You have only to remove one from the herd to hear the bleating of the others concern. If, indeed, a goat is desired as a pet, it needs the company of at least one other goat.

All prices are for animals picked up at the farm. All transportation fees and fees for health certificates including any testing required for the state where the goat(s) is/are being shipped will be the responsibility of the buyer. To check the animal importation requirements for your state, go to the USDA APHIS Veterinary web site. You can either send us your shipping crate or we can reasonably purchase a suitable crate for you at your expense. Health certificates with no additional tests are approximately $50. We ship out of O'Hare International Airport and shipping is currently running abound $300 for an intermediate sized crate that will hold 2 kids. Shipping is not scary, goats are not afraid to fly and we can make all the arrangements for you on this end :) All you have to do, is be there to pick them up :) Unfortunately due to the increasing cost of gas, we are forced to now charge a $50 fee to cover a trip to the airport.

All goats, along with medical fees and transportation shipping fees must be paid in full before shipping.  We also accept Cash (though not through the mail), money orders, and personal checks (require 3 to 5 days to clear)

We will only sell healthy animals and cannot control their environment once they leave. Therefore, all sales are final and due to bio-security concerns we cannot take animals back. We will however replace any breeding animal if medically proven genetically infertile.

Along with the purchase of a Private Idaho goat, we will gladly provide new owners with multiple resources and ongoing support :)

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