Reference Goats
(Gone, but not forgotten)

Olson Acres Maqueena Rae

(Blue Eyes)

Sire: Irish Whisper Tom Cruz                                Dam:  Oak Hollow Acres MC Nyguai

 SS: Piddlin Acres Suzuki Sidekick *S                      DS: Milky Whey's Tuxedo Chance

     SD: MK Elpaal VAS                                                    DD: Ponders End Mystic Mirage*D

~ Extended Pedigree ~

I have retained 3 daughters and am retaining a grandaughter now too

Pecan Hollow PollyAnna

Sire: Split Creek Blue Ridge                                      Dam: Pecan Hollow Deja

SS:  Split Creek Montana                                            DS: Little Rascals Lestat

             SD:   Split Creek Sierra                            DD: Creek Road Penny Lane

~ Extended Pedigree ~

I have retained 2 bucks and 2 daughters


Grasse Acres Arrabella

Sire: Piddlin Acres KR Zeus                                           Dam: Prairie Oak Nillafudge Rip'l

          SS: Piddlin Acres Kings Ransom                                              DS: Piddlin Acres GelFlynn

  SD: MCH/CH Piddlin Acres SC Oddessey               DD: Prairie Oak Limerick

~Extended Pedigree~

Arabella's description is long overdue. This is just a beautiful doe and although she took a little longer than most....One of my very best friends :) Wonderful front end assembly , tight shoulders, sharp withers and a very nice rump. Nicely attached, well defined capacious udder with nicely placed teats large  teats. Smooth fore and nice rear extension. I just love to watch a gorgeous doeling  develop into such a beautiful doe.  We jave reatained both a buck and a doeling out of Arrabella.


Private Idaho's XV Gideon
Xaviar X Faith


Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S

Sire: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++ *S
Kingwood has sired 13 champions....many also have their AR status...and over 90 *D grandchildren
SS: Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++ S
                                                  SD: ARMCH Goodwood Trillium 2*D 'E'

                         Dam: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D/3*M
                    DS: MCH Lost Valley Ride The Wave + *S
                                       DD: ARMCH Lost Valley
Callisto 2*D 'E' AR2153
 (2008 AGS National Champion Sr. Doe & 2010 AGS Reserve National Champion Sr. Doe!)

Extended Pedigree

Our very own Kingwood son. We can hardly believe it!
Not to mention his incredible Dam who can be seen at Lost Valley

AND we already know what he throws as we just LOVE and own his daughter Cassandra


Rubaiyat Farm Blue Moon Rising *S
Barn name "Beamer"     
(Blue Eyes)
+ (Moonspots)

Sire: Doublegate RWB Moonspots 
Dam: CH Flat Rocks VooDoo Princess*D 1*M

SS: Better  Blues Red, White &
DS: Flat Rocks "Gem"

SD: MCH/CH New Horizons Mariah                 
DD: HBF Cajun "voodoo" G+

~ Extended Pedigree ~

Here he is, my buddy "Beamer"!  The very first carefully chosen buck we decided  to add to our herd. We couldn't be more pleased. "Beamer" is healthy and powerful yet remains very dairy. He has a very  well blended front end and a long, level topline . Nice feet and legs. I love the kids he throws. They tend to have a "refinement" that I just  happen to find beautiful.  Voodoo, Beamers Dam, a beautiful doe with a gorgeous very capacious udder. She is a finsihed champion with ADGA and only has one more leg to go with AGS.
What's even better yet is that Beamer is throwing  this beautiful udder. One of his daughters just took first place in her class of 2 year old milkers. Go Beamer Go! Voodoo can be seen at her new home at Caprakoza

Private Idaho's Talon
Polly ~ Excaliber
Nicely correct, very refined  dark chocolate buckskin buckling.
Talon sharp!
A  "Kingwood" grandson
If you could just see this boy on the move.
Polly had the most capacious udder in my herd!
She has moved on to help another herd....
But two bucks and a daughter were retained before she did :)

Private Idaho Leap of Faith
(blue eyes)

      Sire: Rubaiat Farm Blue Moon  Rising          Dam: Olson Acres Maqueena Rae

         SS: Doublegate RWB Moonspots                       DS: Irish Whisper Tom Cruz 

         SD: Flat Rocks VooDoo Princess                     DD: Oak Hollow Acres MC Nyguai

A  little perfect carbon copy of her mom. She's staying right here :) The first of our home bred does we have decided to keep. Im so thrilled!  She has just developed sooo nicely. Beautifully refined, gorgeous neck We need new pics :) Gave me incredible quads her very first freshening! :) :) :)

Shere Country EX Cassandra

Sire: Lost Valley KW Excalibur *S    

                         SS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                 

                            SD:MCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D    

                                                                                         Dam: Silveraurora WB Xplicit

                                                 DS:MCH /CH Twin Creeks WB Sebastian Bach *S

                             DD: Rosasharn UN Bumble B 5*M 5*D AR

~ Extended Pedigree ~

Impeccably bred doeling and it shows all the way around. Beautiful long neck, lots of length and depth.  Check out that first freshening udder! A smaller doe....Cassie is nicely correct . This girl should see a show ring :) Cassies definitely  a favorite around here :) We LOVE her so much, we brought in her sire Excaliber.


Private Idaho's Prince Charles


                                                             S:Woodbridge Farm Xaviar

                                                                          SS:Twin Creeks WO Visa Gold *S
                                                                          SD:CH Woodbridge Farm Tiny Dancer

                    D:Private Idaho Nirvana

                                                                          DS:MCH/CH 4 Fun Gay Mor Lenons Pot-O-Gold *S
                                                                          DD: New Moon TR Maya

~Extended Pedigree~

! Out of one of my absolute favorite does
You have to meet Chuckie to totally appreciate him :) Stole my heart day one!




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